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We’ve compiled a list of the most common types of questions we receive from our customers relating to their exams and procedures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. If we haven’t covered your particular question, you’re welcome to visit our main FAQ page or contact us directly for additional assistance.

Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health authorities for the most current information related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


How is Akumin preparing for COVID-19?
We continue to monitor new information about COVID-19, and we are adapting our care practices to reflect the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”), Department of Health (“DOH”), and other overseeing regulatory bodies that impact our business.
Have there been changes to the clinic operating hours?
Patients are encouraged to check our Center Locations prior to their appointment to confirm current facility status and scheduling. We want to assure our patients that we value their safety and are observing heightened precautions throughout this time.
Can I make changes to my appointment?
Subject to local public health orders intended to fight the novel coronavirus, some Akumin patients with scheduled screening studies may experience a deferral of their studies. Patients are encouraged to contact their Akumin clinic to confirm their appointment. We will respect and accommodate any patient’s request to defer their imaging procedures to a later date, particularly as it relates to any non-urgent imaging service.
Have additional safety measures have been implemented?
Akumin continues to follow CDC and state and local health department guidelines relating to infectious disease protocols. We are pre-screening individuals entering our facilities and limiting the number of individuals in our clinics and applying other protocols at all of our centers to protect patients, personnel and the broader community.
Pre-screening patients
In our efforts to protect the community amidst the growing health concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented a screening process for patients before entry, based on CDC guidelines. The screening interview questions will be used to make medically appropriate decisions regarding imaging services locations and urgency.
What are the guidelines for clinic visits?
Akumin has updated some of its processes to reduce the further spread of the coronavirus and to help keep our patients safe. To help you prepare for your appointment, please keep the following in mind:-

  • Patients should try to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time to answer pre-screening questions.

  • Patients who exhibit flu like symptoms, coughing, sneezing, fever and other signs of illness must wear the provided mask.

  • Patients must wash their hands (or use sanitizer) before and after leaving exam rooms and clinic buildings.

  • Symptomatic patients may be directed to one of Akumin’s Designated Imaging Centers.
What is a Designated Imaging Center?
Akumin is dedicating a number of its freestanding, outpatient diagnostic imaging centers across its regions to focus specifically on patients who have been diagnosed with an active case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, or who have similar symptoms.
What services are offered at Designated Imaging Centers?
Patients can receive imaging procedures to the extent they have been ordered by a physician who determines such services to be necessary or useful, whether services such as CT, Ultrasound or X-ray in connection with their medical assessment or treatment related to COVID-19, or any of the other services offered at these designated clinics to meet their other urgent medical needs. Patients are encouraged to obey local health authority directives relating to quarantine, accessing essential services, shelter-in-place, stay-at-home and other laws or guidelines relating to the COVID-19 outbreak.