We Are Akumin

We believe there's a smarter approach to good health

From our earliest beginnings, we’ve been focused on helping today’s modern healthcare consumers become more active participants in managing their health. After being founded in 2014 by Riadh Zine, we set out to achieve this aim, by making it easier for patients and their healthcare providers to diagnose and treat medical conditions by bringing together clinical and operational know-how, along with the latest in technology and informatics, to deliver an unparalleled patient experience at hundreds of locations within the community.

As a trusted partner for hospitals, health systems, and physician groups all over the U.S., our comprehensive solutions cover outsourced radiology and oncology services; offering both fixed-site outpatient diagnostic imaging services through a network of imaging locations, as well as outpatient radiology and oncology services to about 1,000 hospitals and health systems across 47 states.


Our Approach

Designing a better patient experience

We prioritize the needs of every individual we serve, whether you are a patient, referring provider, hospital, or healthcare group. Count on us as your dependable partner throughout your healthcare journey, delivering exceptional service, unparalleled expertise, and steadfast commitment to addressing your unique needs and ensuring satisfaction

Extensive network: Our comprehensive network of outpatient clinics, in partnership with hospitals and healthcare systems, ensures easy access to essential imaging and radiation therapy services. We provide fixed-site, interim, and mobile solutions to keep high-quality care within the community’s reach.

Leading-edge clinical standards: We are dedicated to employing advanced technology and innovative methods to deliver exceptional care consistently. Our commitment to clinical standardization not only enhances patient outcomes but also strengthens the healthcare system to better serve their needs.

Operational excellence: Our integrated digital platforms streamline communication and data sharing among healthcare providers, leading to a more efficient and coordinated approach to patient care. This process reduces delays and minimizes the risk of errors.