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Akumin has expanded its range of options for integrating with referring provider’s EMR/EHR systems, ensuring flexibility and convenience to align with their preferred workflow. These integrations also enable us to meet MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) requirements in promoting interoperability. To explore our integration solutions and submit your practice’s information, click the link below.

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Benefits of Interoperability

Advancing Healthcare Efficiency and Quality


The concept of interoperability in radiology revolves around the seamless sharing and exchange of patient information and images across various systems and technologies. This essential functionality empowers healthcare providers with the information they need to make well-informed decisions regarding patient care and treatment. Interoperability plays a pivotal role in enhancing healthcare delivery and outcomes by fostering increased efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Benefits of Interoperability in Radiology Imaging

Interoperability in radiology imaging presents a multitude of advantages for both healthcare providers and patients. By facilitating communication among different systems, interoperability ensures seamless access to the latest patient information and images, regardless of their origin. This capability plays a crucial role in minimizing medical errors, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, and improving overall quality of care.

Moreover, interoperability streamlines workflows and alleviates administrative burdens by enabling healthcare providers to effortlessly share patient information and images with other providers and facilities. This fosters improved care coordination, reduces redundant tests and procedures, and ultimately saves time and resources for both providers and patients.