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Do you have questions about applying for a position at Akumin? Are you looking for more information about our company and our interview process? Find answers to our most frequently asked questions here.



What should I expect during the recruitment process?
The recruitment process depends on the role for which you are applying. If you are contacted by a recruiter, this process generally consists of three steps – an initial phone interview, a phone interview with the hiring manager, and in some instances, an in-person interview with the manager(s). Some positions may require multiple in-person interviews and/or team interviews.
How can I find out if the position I applied for is still open?
All job postings listed on our Careers Portal are open and are actively being recruited for. If you no longer see a job posted on our Careers Portal, it has been filled or cancelled.
How can I check on the status of my application?
Application statuses can be checked by logging back into our Careers Portal. If you are a returning candidate, click Sign In (in the top right hand corner) and enter the login information used to create your profile. Once logged back in, your application status will be shown on the dashboard.
When will I hear back from a recruiter?
Our recruiting process can take up to 3-4 weeks. You can check your application status by logging back into our Careers Portal. You can also view our handy Interview Process Guide.
I am interested in your company but I do not see a position available, how do I apply?
If you do not see a position you are interested in, you can join our Talent Network. to receive notifications when a job of your interest opens.


I'm having trouble viewing the Careers Portal, is my browser causing problems?
Our Careers Portal is most compatible with Google Chrome. We do not recommend using Firefox or Safari as they can cause browser issues.
I forgot my password. Can I retrieve it or reset it?
Yes, if you forgot your password, you can easily reset it. Just click Sign In at the top right corner of any page on the Careers Portal. A pop up Sign In box will appear, where you’ll see a link for Forgot your password. Click that link, enter your email address, and then check your email for directions to reset your password.
I might already have an online profile. How would I know?
If you already have an online profile, you’ll find out upon starting your job application:

If you DO have a profile, the system will confirm this once you enter your email address. You’ll either be directed to the Login page—meaning you have a profile to log in to—or you’ll be alerted via error message that your email is already attached to a profile. (The system does not allow multiple profiles with the same email address.)

If you DO NOT have a profile, you’ll immediately be directed to build a new profile after entering your email address.

Note: Your online profile can only be associated with one email address. If you’re unsure if you have an online profile and regularly use more than one email, you may wish to enter multiple addresses on the career site to see if any are attached to an existing profile. Please do not create additional profiles for yourself with different email addresses.
How do I start creating my online profile?
If you’re a new applicant, you can create an online profile by clicking Apply for any listed job and following the steps presented to you.
I didn’t finish my application. How can I complete it?
You can do this through the candidate dashboard in your online profile. In the Actions column, you’ll see a Continue Application button next to all jobs in which you have an incomplete application. Clicking this button allows you to continue your application from where you left off.
How can I update the information in my online profile (including my resume)?
You can update your information by logging in to your existing profile and clicking the Update your profile button. This will bring up your profile page, where you can make updates to your personal information and/or resume. When finished, simply click Update Profile at the bottom.
Can I submit my resume for general consideration, rather than applying to a specific job?
If you do not see a position you are interested in, you can join our Talent Network to receive a notification when a job of your interest opens.
How can I search for a job on the career site?
There are various ways to search for a job on the career site:

- Location
- Full time/Part Time
- Category

A keyword search is used primarily for searching the title and description of a job.

If you choose to use more than one filter, your results will meet all of the criteria selected.
How can I find jobs that offer a sign-on bonus?
Use the keyword search to filter jobs that offer a sign on bonus. Simply type in the words, “bonus” or “sign-on bonus”.

If you choose to use more than one filter, your results will meet all of the criteria selected.


What does Akumin do?
We are a world leader in radiology and oncology healthcare services. We provide essential solutions to over 1,100 hospital partners and exceptional care to more than 2 million patients annually through our nationwide network of fixed site imaging centers. Learn more about Akumin.
Where are all of the company’s locations?
We offer healthcare services in 48 states, and Team Members are located nationwide to deliver the exceptional customer service and patient care we provide daily.

To find open job positions near you, visit our Careers Portal and search by location
Why should I join your team?
Joining our team means joining a family where there are opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally, be compensated well, and make a difference in the lives of others. If you’d like to work in one of the best environments healthcare has to offer, we invite you to explore our open job opportunities.
What makes Akumin different?
At Akumin, we are not just a team; we are passionate individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Our success is not solely measured by profits and growth, but also by the positive influence we bring to the lives of our Team Members, patients, healthcare partners, and society at large.
What are the employee benefits offered by Akumin?
We believe in doing everything possible to enhance people’s lives. This belief not only applies to the patients and customers we serve, but is equally passed on to our Team Members, especially when it comes to our comprehensive benefits package. Visit this page for a snapshot of Team Member benefits you can look forward to when you join our team.
What are Akumin's values?
Our core values of Customer-Centricity, Integrity, Purpose and Growth are at the heart of everything we do, and they help guide our decisions and inspire us to achieve greatness together. Many of our Team Members often spend a significant part of their career working here as a result of their job autonomy and satisfaction, flexible work environment, and opportunities for advancement.
What kind of growth opportunities are there?
Our Team Members enjoy continuous, on-the-job improvement and training, and leadership education opportunities. Many of our Team Members have moved into management roles and beyond throughout their careers here. Additionally, we encourage Team Members to take advantage of opportunities to continue their education by offering educational assistance for professional and technical Team Members through our Educational Reimbursement Program.