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We’re more than just an oncology service provider – we partner with hospitals, health systems and physicians to develop integrated and market-leading oncology programs, including specialized expertise in radiation therapy and related services

Navigating the Future of Cancer Care

Your partner for strategic excellence

In the ever-evolving field of cancer care, successful leadership requires strategic partnerships to navigate demographic shifts, reimbursement changes, evolving technology, and shifting health priorities.

At Akumin, we specialize in expanding market presence through patient and provider engagement while maintaining a commitment to exceptional and safe patient care.

If you are seeking expertise in upgrading your facility, optimizing oncology services for growth, or establishing a new multi-modality cancer center, we are here to drive positive outcomes.

Together, we can craft a radiation therapy program that elevates the patient experience, allowing you to seamlessly provide safe radiation therapy and related services to your patients, aligning our expertise with your values to create a brighter future in cancer care.

A Revolution on Wheels

Discover our pioneering, custom-built, mobile interim radiation therapy solution


Leverage Our Experience & Expertise

Flexibility with less risk and more reward

Whether you're launching a new initiative or strengthening an existing one, Akumin is your partner in uncovering and bridging cancer care delivery gaps. We specialize in pinpointing opportunities, often by physician specialties and cancer types, to seamlessly integrate care across the continuum. Our adaptable partnership options take into account your present and future needs, ensuring scalability with reduced risk.

We excel in crafting multi-disciplinary clinical programs and service lines, capitalizing on our unique proficiency in radiation oncology and radiation therapy services. Our primary focus lies in aligning hospitals and physicians, placing patient care, education, and satisfaction at the forefront. We offer robust support in clinical staffing, credentialing, accreditation, and a relentless commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Additionally, we elevate your brand through strategic marketing, patient and community engagement, and extend our outreach to educate referring providers. Choose us to amplify your cancer care program's impact and success!

Elevating Your New or Existing Cancer Care Program

Here's how a strategic partnership can help you achieve more

Strategic Insight
We bring a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the table, helping you navigate the complexities of the oncology landscape with confidence.
Pioneering Innovation
We stay ahead of the curve with our patented interim radiation therapy solution, delivering innovation that enhances the patient experience and sets your services apart.
Operational Excellence
We streamline operations for efficiency and resilience, adeptly handling value-based care, Radiation Oncology Model implementation, and regulatory shifts.
Comprehensive Support
Our offerings go beyond the ordinary. From staffing and scheduling to physician outreach and marketing, we cover every aspect of your program's success.

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World Class Leader in Radiology & Oncology Services

Total Solution Provider

Our end-to-end healthcare oncology program simplifies management, reduces costs, and ensures seamless integration of services for efficient patient care.

Experienced Team

With our extensive experience as a leading provider of fixed and mobile radiology and oncology services, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every stage of the process.

#1 choice for Health Systems

Akumin serves 1,000+ hospitals and healthcare partners nationwide, including 23 of the top 30 healthcare systems, reflecting our dedication to excellence.