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We’ve compiled a list of the most common types of questions we receive from our customers relating to their exams and procedures. If we haven’t covered your particular question on this FAQ page, you’re welcome to contact us directly for additional assistance.



What are your operating hours?
Each center has its own operating hours that can be found on the center's listing page at akumin.com. The majority of our centers are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday with a number of locations also offering extended early morning, evening, and weekend appointments.
How do I book an appointment?
Booking your imaging appointment is easy. You can call the center of your choice directly using the phone number on the center’s location page on our website. Alternatively, you can complete our online booking form and an Akumin representative will call you back to confirm the appointment time and details.
If the phones are busy, is there another way to schedule my appointment?
From time to time throughout the day we may experience a surge in call volume that often results in longer on-hold wait times. If you are in a hurry, you can complete our online booking form and an Akumin representative will call you back to confirm the appointment time and details.
How soon can I book an appointment? Can I fit my appointment into my work schedule?
Our centers offer extended hours, including early mornings, evenings and weekends. In many cases, we can schedule you for the same day you call for an appointment. Our goal is to schedule your appointment at the best possible time for you.
What if I am unable to keep my appointment?
If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call your local center at least 24-hours in advance to avoid being charged a late cancellation/rescheduling fee. Your physician will be notified and your examination rescheduled. If transportation is an issue, the center may be able to help make arrangements for you.
Is there a no show / late cancellation fee?
If you need to cancel or reschedule, you need to notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you fail to notify us and we are unable to fill your time slot you may be charged a $50 fee.

Exam Preparation

How do I prepare for my exam?
Prior to your exam, you will receive instructions on how to prepare for it. For specific information on what happens during your exam and what you can expect from the process please visit our exam preparation page. You can contribute a great deal to the quality and success of your imaging study by learning about the process beforehand.
What could disqualify me from having an MRI scan?
Situations and conditions that may affect your safety should be discussed with your doctor prior to having an MRI. Be sure to immediately notify a member of our staff if you have any of the following: Metal in your body, implanted medical or electronic devices, pregnancy, tattoos and piercings, kidney or liver disease, hair extensions, or wigs.
What type of clothing should I wear for my exam?
Wear comfortable, metal-free clothing (i.e. sweatpants, T-shirt, shorts, metal-free bra, etc.) do not wear leggings if undergoing an MRI as they sometimes contain metal particles. It may be necessary for you to change into our patient gowns or scrubs depending on the area being scanned.
Do you provide lockers for personal belongings?
Secure lockers will be provided for your clothing and purse. We advise patients to leave all jewelry and valuables at home.
Will I need a driver?
Some procedures require a driver for your safety (i.e. if sedation or anesthetic are administered). When the appointment is made, you will be told if a driver is needed.


Can someone accompany me to my appointment?
Yes, patients can be accompanied within the center by another person. If the center is very busy, that person may be asked to wait outside.
What do I need to bring for my exam?
To avoid delays or the postponement of your exam, please remember to bring your complete insurance information including all insurance cards, a valid photo ID, as well as your physician's referral.
  • For workers compensation claims, bring your claim number, date of injury, and all pertinent workers compensation information with you to your visit.
  • For PIP/auto accident claims, bring your claim number, date of injury, auto insurance card, adjustors information, and all pertinent PIP/auto information with you to your visit.
Do you offer onsite parking?
Most Akumin centers offer complimentary onsite parking directly in front of their centers or within a short walking distance.
Are your centers wheelchair accessible?
Akumin centers are wheelchair accessible and many offer disabled parking spots directly in front of the center.
Why do I need to be at the center at least 15 minutes before my exam time?
We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your exam time so that you may be checked in for your visit.
What if I still have questions prior to my exam?
There will be time for a qualified technologist to answer all your questions before the exam begins. We invite you to call your local center with any immediate questions or concerns.


What types of services does Akumin provide?
Akumin offers both Radiology Procedures and Oncology Treatments at its more than 211 center locations nationwide.
What radiology subspecialties does Akumin cover?
Akumin offers six areas of specialized services to cover a range of diseases and injuries, these include Neurology, Musculoskeletal, Cardiac, Body, Women's imaging, and Oncology.
Where can I find a list of exams that are performed at Akumin centers?
Akumin performs several types of imaging exams at its centers. For a full list and a brief description of each exam, please visit this page.
Do you offer Open MRI or Upright Open MRI?
Akumin offers Open MRI .and Upright MRI machines at some of its locations. Both types create a more pleasant experience for young patients or those who are anxious, claustrophobic, obese, or just need more room.
Who interprets the results of my scans?
A radiologist will look at and interpret your scans. He or she will then write up and send a radiology report detailing the results to your doctor, who will then share the main findings with you and talk to you about your next steps.

Medical Records

When will the results of my examination be available?
Results are available as soon as completed. The radiologist interprets each examination and dictates a report. The report is transcribed and sent to your referring physician’s office as soon as it is completed. Please contact your physician directly for information about your results.
How will I get my results of my exam?
Your referring physician will have a report from our radiologist usually within 24 hours of the completion of your scan unless requested sooner by your physician.
Can I view my results online?
Akumin offers an online portal for patients to view their results online 24/7. Please select the Patient's tab at akumin.com to access the portal. Not all locations currently offer online results. Please visit the Patient Portal to see if your region is listed.
May I get a copy of my films?
We send your films or CD to your physician, who can provide them to you upon request. If you need an additional copy, there may be a nominal charge. Please use this online form to contact our Medical Records Department for information.
How long are my records kept on file?
We maintain the films and reports from your exam(s) in accordance with state laws (in most cases, for a minimum of five to seven years).
Are my records available for comparison at all Akumin locations?
Yes, all patient history (including exams, films, and case notes) is available and can be requested at any Akumin location.

Billing & Payment

What forms of payment does Akumin accept?
We currently accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Letter of Protection (LOP), Personal Injury, Workers Comp, and all insurances. For patients experiencing a demonstrated financial hardship, we can offer cash discounts and payment plans.
Why do I need to provide a credit card to be kept on file?
Akumin requires all patients keep an active credit card on file with us so as to streamline our billing and payment system and to provide a seamless, convenient way for patients to pay their bills. We will bill your insurance company and upon their determination of benefits, we will either credit or charge your credit card when they inform us of the remaining patient responsibility. Visit this page to read the policy in full.
I have a question about my statement who do I contact for information?
For any questions regarding your statement, including your Explanation of Benefits (EOB), please contact our Billing Department via our online contact form, they will be happy to assist you.
I don't have medical insurance. Can I get a price quotation on my procedure?
If you do not have medical insurance and/or you are concerned about paying for your procedure, call the clinic number of the location you want to schedule your appointment at. We'll give you an estimate and work with you in setting up a payment plan.
Fill out an online inquiry on our 'contact us' page.
Note: Please indicate the type of exam requested by your physician so that an accurate price may be provided.
Where can I make an online payment?
Please visit our Payment Portal to easily make payments online.
Can I pay my bill through Doxo.com?
It's not recommended. Doxo.com charges extra fees and payments might be delayed, causing potential late charges. For faster, secure payments, use our Payment Portal or follow the instructions on your bill.
Is Doxo affiliated with Akumin?
No, Doxo is not affiliated with Akumin. Infact, the Federal Trade Commission is taking action against Doxo, charging that the company uses misleading search ads to impersonate consumers' billers and misleading consumers about fees. Visit our Customer Alerts page for more information.


What insurances do you accept?
We participate in most insurance plans, managed care programs, and accept workers compensation, PIP, and Letters of Protection. If you need help paying out-of-pocket costs, we offer cash discounts and payment plans for patients experiencing a demonstrated financial hardship.
What if you are not contracted with my personal health insurance plan?
Although we attempt to contract with all carriers, sometimes we are unable to reach an agreement. When applicable, we will accept your in-network benefits.
When accepting in-network benefits, does this include my co-pay and deductibles?
Yes, we will collect amounts equal to your in-network benefits and will notify your insurance plan accordingly. Deductibles and co-insurance must be paid at the time of the examination.
Do I need pre-authorization from my health care policy or plan?
Some plans do require pre-authorization before you receive healthcare services. Check with your insurance company to determine if this is necessary as you could be responsible for all charges if proper authorization or referrals are not obtained. Your insurance company can also answer any questions you may have about what is covered on your plan.
How does the insurance verification process work?
We contact your insurance provider and confirm your benefits along with providing notification that we will honor the co-insurance portion of your benefits.
Am I responsible for the patient portion reflected on my Explanation of Benefits (EOB) I receive from my insurance carrier?
This may not always be an accurate reflection of your balance. You will receive a statement from us indicating a final amount.

Women's Imaging

Does Akumin have women's only clinics?
Yes, Akumin has 6 dedicated women's imaging clinics; 3 are located in South Florida and 2 are in Massachusetts and 1 is in Texas.
Why is it a women's only center?
As women, our health can change constantly; from pregnancy, to menopause and age related bone loss. These changes usually require specific tests and a more detailed explanation of the findings and desired follow-ups. Our women’s only centers allow us to focus on conducting these exams and providing information to the patient in a stress-free and relaxed environment.
What types of exams do you offer at the women's only facilities?
We offer a full range of women's specific imaging exams and services including 3D Mammography, Ultrasound, and DEXA.
Can my partner accompany me for my prenatal ultrasound appointment?
Expectant mothers that wish for their significant other to be in the exam room, need to call the clinic ahead of their scheduled appointment date.
Can my child wait in the lobby during my exam?
Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to be unsupervised in the lobby or waiting areas.
Will I receive a “lay letter report”?
With screening mammography, patients receive either a “normal lay letter”, which communicates benign findings, or a “recall lay letter” informing them of a potential abnormality requiring additional evaluation.
How often should patients receive a screening mammography?
Most insurance companies will pay for a screening mammogram every 366 days.


What conditions can be treated with radiation therapy?
Radiation therapy is suitable to treat both cancer and non-cancerous conditions. For a detailed description of the conditions that we treat visit this link
What should I expect at a radiation therapy consultation?
During your consultation, you will meet with a radiation oncologist who will review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and discuss treatment options with you. Possible side effects and risks of radiation therapy are also explained.
How do I know if radiation therapy is right for me?
Your radiation oncologist will evaluate your individual case to determine if radiation therapy is a suitable treatment option. Factors considered include cancer type, cancer stage, and your general health and medical history.
How many radiation therapy sessions will I need?
The number of radiotherapy sessions needed will depend on the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, and the amount of radiation needed. A radiation oncologist will create an individual treatment plan outlining the number of sessions and duration of treatment required.
Is radiation therapy harmful?
Radiotherapy itself is painless. Some patients may experience discomfort or pain during application and placement of the treatment. Your radiation oncologist will try to minimize any discomfort or pain you experience during treatment.
As a patient, how can I prepare for radiation therapy?
Your oncologist specializing in radiation treatment will give you precise guidelines on preparing for your therapy sessions. These guidelines may consist of recommendations like refraining from certain foods or medicines, wearing loose clothing, and scheduling the appointments at a convenient time for you. It is essential to carefully adhere to these instructions to guarantee the most favorable outcome.
What is CyberKnife®? How is it different from conventional radiation therapy?
CyberKnife® is a type of radiation therapy that uses advanced technology to deliver high doses of radiation with great precision, It can target and destroy cancerous tissue while sparing healthy tissue. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, CyberKnife® uses real-time imaging and motion tracking to match the patient's body movements to deliver treatment, minimizing the risk of damaging healthy tissue.
Where can I find a list of locations that offer the CyberKnife® treatment?
For a full list of our CyberKnife locations please visit this page - CyberKnife® Locations


Where can I find information on how Akumin is addressing COVID-19?
Akumin continues to monitor new information about COVID-19, and we are adapting our care practices to reflect the latest recommendations. Please visit our COVID-19 page for more information.
Have additional COVID-19 safety measures have been implemented?
Akumin continues to follow CDC and state and local health department guidelines relating to infectious disease protocols. In high transmission areas, we may pre-screen individuals entering our facilities, limit the number of individuals in our clinics and apply other protocols to protect patients, personnel and the broader community.
What are the COVID-19 guidelines for center visits?
Akumin has updated some of its processes to reduce the further spread of the coronavirus and to help keep our patients safe. To help you prepare for your appointment, please keep the following in mind. Patients should try to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time to answer pre-screening questions. All patients are encouraged to wear a mask. Patients must wash their hands (or use sanitizer) before and after leaving exam rooms and center buildings.

About Akumin

How many centers does Akumin operate?
As of January 2024, Akumin operates 200+ fixed-site centers nationwide.
Are Akumin's centers accredited?
Akumin and its subsidiaries are accredited by The American College of Radiology (ACR), The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and The Joint Commission. This accreditation assures patients that their prescribed test or treatment will meet the highest level of imaging quality and radiation safety. Visit our accreditation page to learn more.
How do I contact management or a specific department at Akumin?
For a prompt response to any inquiries to our business we recommend you complete the Contact Us form. This form will allow you to reach the following departments: Billing, Insurance, Exam Related, Medical Records, Customer Service, Investor Relations, and Careers.
How can I apply to work at Akumin?
Akumin is always looking for talented people to join its team. To learn more about working with us and to view open positions and/or to submit your resume, please visit the Careers Section on the Akumin website.
What is Akumin's corporate mailing address?
Akumin, 8300 W Sunrise Blvd., Plantation FL 33322, United States.


Does Akumin have bilingual staff?
Akumin has bilingual (Spanish speaking) staff at many of its centers and within the scheduling department. Please contact your local center to confirm if they have bilingual team members on staff.
Does Akumin accept international patients?
Akumin is proud to offer exceptional imaging and diagnostic services for patients from the Caribbean/Bahamas. Our International Patient Program facilitates and coordinates visits to our South Florida locations, providing access to the highest quality of care without the worry of dealing with administrative details.
Does Akumin have a physicians portal?
Yes, Akumin offers a Physicians Portal that allows them to receive real-time information on their patients’ images, reports, and exam status.
Does Akumin have a patient portal?
Yes, Akumin offers a Patient Portal that allows patients to securely access their health care information, medical records, radiology images, and notes from their clinic visits.
How do I sign-up to access the patient portal?
You can sign-up to access the Akumin patient portal by visiting this link and completing the form fields with the required information in order to create a new account.
Is the Akumin website accessible to people with disabilities?
At Akumin, we're committed to making our products and services accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and use the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) specification. If you are unable to access any part of the Akumin website, kindly email us directly at akupdates@akumin.com or call us toll-free at 855-332-2390.