This is the CyberKnife®

The Next Generation of Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment

The CyberKnife System is a revolutionary technology that provides patients with a non-invasive cancer treatment option. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, the CyberKnife System uses advanced robotics and computer guidance to deliver high-dose radiation directly to the site of the tumor, with pinpoint accuracy. This means that patients can receive the same effective treatment, with fewer side effects and less time in the hospital. The future of advanced treatment is here; find a clinic to experience the benefits of CyberKnife today.

The CyberKnife® Technology

The CyberKnife system sets the standard for precision in radiation delivery

CyberKnife System

The CyberKnife System offers a non-surgical solution for treating both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors and conditions requiring radiation therapy. It can be used on various parts of the body, such as the prostate, lung, brain, spine, head and neck, liver, and kidney, offering an alternative to surgery for inoperable or complex tumors.

CyberKnife Robot

The CyberKnife System stands out as the only complete robotic solution for radiation delivery. Its robotic design combined with real-time imaging allows for delivery of high-dose radiation directly to the tumor with unparalleled precision, using thousands of beam angles. The result is sub-millimeter accuracy in every treatment.

True Robotic Delivery Precision

The CyberKnife System's unique design, featuring a LINAC mounted on a robot, allows for delivery of high-energy radiation from various angles, resulting in greater precision and accuracy. This precision not only reduces the impact on surrounding healthy tissues but also improves the patient's quality of life both during and after treatment.

Real-time motion synchronization

Motion management in radiation therapy is crucial as patients can move or change their position during treatment. The CyberKnife motion adaptive technology is specifically designed to address these issues, allowing for smaller treatment margins around the tumor and thereby reducing exposure of healthy tissue to high-dose radiation.

The CyberKnife® System

Proven outcomes, fewer treatments, and minimized side effects

The CyberKnife System sets the standard for precision in radiation delivery, offering stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for a wide range of tumors. With over 20 years of successful clinical use, the CyberKnife System has helped countless cancer patients.

Compared to conventional radiation therapy, which typically takes 30 to 40 sessions over 8 to 10 weeks, treatment with the CyberKnife System requires 1 to 5 sessions over 1 to 2 weeks. This allows patients to complete their treatment sooner and get back to their normal routine.

In addition, by targeting radiation directly to the tumor, the CyberKnife System minimizes exposure to healthy tissue, reducing the risk of side effects and improving quality of life. In fact, most patients can continue normal activity during and immediately following treatment.

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