Urology Practice Services

Turnkey solutions for urology practices

Akumin’s comprehensive solutions, from advanced dedicated mobile PET/CT scanners to PSMA-therapy radiopharmaceuticals, and compliance support, provide everything you need for efficient and effective in-house patient care.

Leverage Outsourcing for Growth

Improve efficiencies and expand
your urology practice services

Urology practices today face pressure to deliver exceptional patient care while managing costs effectively. Akumin can help. We offer access to the latest imaging technologies, including Mobile PET-CT and MRI equipment, without the burden of upfront investment. This allows you to provide faster diagnoses, avoid unnecessary procedures, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

We go beyond technology—offering staffing solutions to optimize your urology team's efficiency and expertise. Our team also stays ahead of regulatory and licencing requirements, ensuring your practice stays compliant and focused on what matters most: delivering top-tier urological care.

Improving Care Through Innovation

Advanced imaging services & support—delivered right to your doorstep

Urology-optimized expertise
Get access to services designed specifically for urology practices. We understand your unique needs, offering diagnostics, treatments, and staffing support tailored to deliver optimal patient outcomes.
Dedicated on-site, state-of-the-art imaging
We bring the latest technology directly to you, reducing infrastructure costs, streamlining logistics, and offering convenient, high-quality diagnostics that improve patient access and care.
Peace of mind with regulatory compliance
Our services meet all health regulations, including Joint Commission standards. We continuously monitor and adapt, ensuring your practice stays compliant and protects patient well-being.

Working with Akumin

Focus on care, we handle the rest

Akumin understands the unique challenges urology practices face. We offer custom-tailored outsourcing solutions designed to fit your specific needs and budget. With Akumin you can benefit from:

Onsite Access: Eliminate upfront costs with mobile PET/CT & MRI exams at your practice

Expanded Services: Offer additional services like PSMA-therapy radiopharmaceuticals

Expert Staffing: Optimize team efficiency with skilled technologists

Compliance Confidence: Maintain compliance with ongoing licensing and regulatory support

Streamlined Operations: Enhance patient care with Akumin's automated workflow software

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