Managed Services

Improve patient satisfaction and mitigate costs

As a leading provider of radiology and oncology services, Akumin has the experience and expertise to help you safely run your program with more efficiency and reliability, saving you costs while improving your patient satisfaction.

Leverage the Power of Outsourcing

Enhancing efficiency & competitiveness

In today's complex healthcare landscape, hospitals and healthcare providers are increasingly seeking to outsource managed services for outpatient imaging and cancer treatment. This strategic move allows healthcare organizations to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from specialized expertise in radiology and radiation therapy services.

Outsourcing to a trusted partner not only ensures that the latest technology and best practices are employed, but also helps improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

By partnering with a reliable and experienced managed services provider like Akumin, hospitals can access a comprehensive range of services tailored to their unique needs, allowing them to optimize patient care, meet industry demands, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Operations Management & Marketing

Tap into a pool of highly skilled professionals with specialized expertise

Referring physician outreach & consumer marketing
Our dedicated on-the-ground account executives and virtual marketing support team work together to boost your patient volume, enhance communication with the referring physician community, foster provider loyalty, and elevate brand recognition.
Patient scheduling, authorizations, billing & reimbursement
Serving more than 2 million patients every year, we know how to create a seamless healthcare journey. By outsourcing these complex, patient-focused, services our partners retain scan volumes, improve patient satisfaction and ensure the continuity of care.
Customized staffing including certified clinical roles
Our comprehensive staffing solutions include fostering the growth of current team members, positioning key personnel for the safe and efficient integration of advanced technology, and providing on-demand access to a pool of skilled clinical staff.

Working With Akumin

Seamless integration and
a customized approach

At Akumin, we recognize the challenges healthcare organizations face. That's why we offer tailored outsourcing operations management solutions, allowing your organization to focus on core competencies while benefiting from our specialized expertise in outpatient imaging and radiation therapy services.

By outsourcing operations management to Akumin, you can expect improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, access to the latest technology, and the implementation of industry best practices.

Our team of skilled professionals works closely with your organization to ensure seamless integration and a customized approach that addresses your unique needs. Trust in our commitment to providing top-notch, scalable solutions that not only enhance your organization's performance but also contribute to better patient outcomes.

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