Interim & Mobile Solutions

Keeping patients and revenue in-house

Our flexible solutions provide rapid access to essential equipment, services, and expertise, allowing you to retain patients within your facility. This approach not only captures revenue on-site but also creates a more seamless patient experience.

Scalable solutions to foster growth

Accommodate demand efficiently

In the fast-paced world of healthcare services, embracing interim & mobile imaging and radiation therapy solutions can give your facility a strategic edge. By offering comprehensive, high-quality on-site services, you not only elevate your organization's patient experience you also attract more patients, increase market share, and outshine the competition while boosting overall satisfaction.

Whether you're looking to maintain services during equipment upgrades and construction projects, test the waters in your market, or temporarily expand capacity, our mobile solutions provide quick access to essential services and expertise. This cost-effective alternative to purchasing new PET/CT, CT, MRI, or radiation therapy units can cater to your unique needs.

Access Technology That Offers Peace of Mind

Discover the advantages of a reliable, experienced, and versatile partner

Nation's Largest Mobile Imaging Fleet
With quick access to our extensive fleet of mobile units and equipment, you can sample the market before expanding your services or adding new modalities.
Flexible & Customized Solutions
Our end-to-end PET/CT solutions and comprehensive mobile imaging services are tailored to fit your schedule and needs, whether it's one or five days a week.
Expertise & Quality Assurance
As the #1 national provider of PET/CT imaging services, we offer best-in-class patient safety processes, staff, and expertise to ensure your imaging services' success.
Turn-Key Offerings
We provide value-added services, including managing site operations, to create a seamless experience for your patients and their referring providers.
Cost-Effective Equipment Alternatives
Gain access to our current inventory of equipment or leverage our manufacturers' purchasing discounts to reduce your short and long-term overhead costs.

Working With Akumin

Flexible mobile and interim solutions to grow or maintain your services

Join forces with Akumin and discover a world of top-quality services tailored for hospitals and healthcare providers. With our mobile imaging and radiation therapy equipment rentals, exceptional patient safety processes, and experienced staff, we've got you covered.

As the proud operator of the nation's largest mobile imaging fleet, and the #1 provider of PET/CT imaging services, we offer an affordable alternative to purchasing new equipment.

Our turn-key solutions go above and beyond, delivering valuable extras like site operations, certified clinical staffing, and insurance support. Plus, our flexible scheduling and wide variety of equipment ensure that we can meet your needs, no matter how unique.

Choose Akumin as your trusted partner – we're here to help you every step of the way.

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