International Patients

Discover world-class healthcare

Akumin is proud to offer exceptional imaging and diagnostic services for patients from the Caribbean/Bahamas. Our International Patient Program facilitates and coordinates visits to our South Florida locations, providing access to the highest quality of care without the worry of dealing with administrative details.

We can help plan your entire medical visit to our facilities, including scheduling appointments and assisting you in obtaining any pre-authorizations from your insurance company.

We have a long working relationship with physicians in the Caribbean/Bahamas and our expert administrative team can help in facilitating communication with your healthcare providers back home.

Organizing payment for your treatment

To determine the cost of our services and to receive an official quote, please fill out our online inquiry form. When contacting us, be sure to specify the type of exam that has been ordered by your physician.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for your procedure. We will assist you in arranging any pre-authorizations with your insurance company and let you know what your benefits will be for the exam you are undergoing.

In most cases, we can bill your insurance on your behalf, so there is no copay or out of pocket expense. Some insurances will have a smaller deductible or copay if you come to our center and most will pay for half or even all of your airfare.

Scheduling your visit

To schedule your appointment please fill out an online appointment request.