Streamlining Connections for Referring Offices

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Akumin’s interoperability platform provides a user-friendly and EMR-agnostic solution for referring offices to seamlessly connect with our extensive network of diagnostic imaging centers across the nation. This platform enables a two-way process, allowing referring offices to submit orders and clinical information electronically while receiving results in the same manner. What sets our platform apart is that some of our options eliminate the need for managed VPN connections or costly HL7 interfacing. By overcoming the challenges associated with unreliable faxing, our platform enhances efficiency for referring practices and offers additional value-added capabilities.

Integration Options

Traditional HL7 - Direct integration with the EMR/EHR or interface integration engine to pass electronic order and/or result messages via HL7 messaging standards
Direct Messaging - Exchanging of order and/or results messages a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) via Direct secure message protocol
Portal Ordering - Access to our physician portal where new orders can be placed, existing order updates can be referenced, and results for referred cases can be accessed
Image Order Print Script Converter (Order Caddy) - Lightweight installer that mimics a local printer to collect and deliver image order scripts and other documents, and seamlessly sends to our system securely and without need of VPN connectivity. Digital One Order Caddy
Local Folder Result Deliver (Desktop Delivery) - Lightweight local installer of a virtual folder where results for referred cases are securely delivered to and can be easily accessed without need of VPN connectivity. Digital One Desktop Deliver

Image Sharing Options

Akumin has established reliable channels to efficiently deliver images of referred patients back to our referring providers. We leverage popular cloud image sharing platforms, ensuring seamless and secure transmission of images. These platforms include:

Please complete the appropriate form below to provide us with your integration preferences and relevant information about your practice facility. Our team will use this information to ensure a seamless integration experience. For further details about our integration capabilities, kindly reach out to your Akumin Account Executive. They will be glad to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements further.