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3D Mammography Benefits

Today, nearly 98% of women detected with early-stage breast cancer live for five years or longer after treatment. Survival is possible not just because of the improved treatments, but also due to advanced screening technology. One such revolutionary technology is 3D mammography, also called breast tomosynthesis. The 3D mammogram cuts down on the need for additional mammographic views and eliminates patient anxiety about potentially false-positive results. This article highlights the innovative technology of 3D mammography and the benefits of using 3D in detecting breast cancer.

The Problem

Using traditional mammography, some women having breast screening procedures are asked to appear for additional tests due to the suspicious results in their scans. This additional testing requirement can be a worrisome experience as the patient starts thinking about the possibility of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Solution

The uncertainty in scans and increased anxiety can be avoided thanks to 3D mammography, an advanced procedure approved by the FDA. The technology captures multiple angled pictures of the breasts as the machine sweeps in an arc over the patient’s breast. These images are viewed sequentially by the radiologist. If there is any mass, it will be more readily visible on the tomographic images, and not be hidden by overlapping breast tissue as sometimes happens with 2D mammography. This leads to a clearer and more detailed review of the images and ensures a more accurate diagnosis. 3D mammography also helps in the diagnosis of a tumor, if any.

The Benefits of 3D Mammogram

The following are the top benefits of a 3D mammogram.

Accurate Diagnosis

By curtailing the impression of overlapping breast tissue, the 3D mammography makes a tumor easier to view. Reviewing numerous images has facilitated doctors to detect more cancers than with 2D images alone.

Earlier Detection

Overlapping tissue often obscures small cancers in a 2D mammogram. With 3D mammography, the image slices can easily be examined sequentially. This makes it possible for 3D mammography to detect cancers in its earlier stages.

Review of dense breast tissues

Dense breast tissue, usually found in younger females, can appear in shadows because of overlapping tissue, hiding the tumors in 2D mammography. 3D mammography captures pictures of the breast from several angles, thereby giving a cutting-edge look through and around the breast tissue.

Peace of Mind

3D mammography greatly helps decrease false alarms. The enhanced accuracy in diagnosing irregular structures given by a 3D view of the breast decreases the number of needless callbacks to women for more additional mammographic views and biopsies.

Safe, comfortable and effective process

During a 3D mammogram process, women experience a negligible amount of radiation, compared with a 2D mammogram. This dose is less than the FDA-regulated limit for mammography, and no additional risk from the amount of radiation used has been shown. The FDA examined the radiation dose before sanctioning screening and diagnostic via 3D mammography, suggesting that the benefits outweigh any potential risk.

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