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If you have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, you may have questions about treatment and how they will affect you. Concerns about your digestive system, difficulty with eating, fatigue, etc. are common and our team of experts are here to answer your questions and put you at ease.

Thanks to advancements in cancer screenings, colorectal polyps are found and removed before they can develop into cancers. Screening also results in many colorectal cancers being found earlier, when they are likely to be easier to treat. In addition, treatments for colorectal cancer, like radiation therapy, have improved over the last few decades.

Our network of radiation oncologists work with surgeons, gastroenterologists, and other physicians to create the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient. Taking care of you is a team effort and together we will make sure you get the best treatment outcome possible.

Benefits of Radiation Therapy for Colorectal Cancer

Radiation therapy is a proven treatment option with a low risk of complications


Understanding Colorectal Cancer

When caught early, 9 out of 10 people with the disease can be cured

Colorectal cancer, also known as bowel cancer, colon cancer, or rectal cancer, is any cancer that affects the colon and the rectum. Most colorectal cancers are adenocarcinomas (cancers that begin in cells that make and release mucus and other fluids) and often develop from an abnormal growth in the colon called a polyp. Over time, polyps can become malignant and develop into cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

The good news is that colorectal cancer is highly preventable and the disease is on the decline. The rate of people being diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer each year has dropped overall since the mid-1980s, mainly because more people are getting screened and changing their lifestyle-related risk factors.

Safe and Non-Invasive With Fewer Side-Effects

Radiation therapy offers innovative treatments for colorectal cancers

Minimizes Cancer-Related Symptoms
Radiation therapy for colorectal cancer can help to reduce or slow the growth of tumors, lessening cancer-related symptoms and improving the patient's quality of life
Safe and Non-Invasive
Radiation therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment option with a low risk of complications. Side effects are typically mild and manageable with appropriate care and support
Enhances Overall Treatment Plan
Radiation therapy can be combined with other treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy to enhance the effectiveness of the patient's overall treatment plan and increase the chances of successful outcomes

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